Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Celebrations!

Yesterday was my birthday party.  It was fun! 

My friend Deisi and I stayed in the studio late last night and painted.  She painted a deserted zombie town and I finished a painting for a job - a friend of mine wanted it to hang in her massage studio.  So, for a day, I took a break from the sewing machine and went back to my roots as a painter with a good friend. 

Here are our paintings :)

Deisi's Deserted Zombie Town
My Cherry Blossoms Painting
While I didn't sew a single thing yesterday, my mom gave me my birthday present when I saw her, a travel sewing machine case and a thread spool rack.  I was so excited!  I also got to show her my baby quilt.  She was impressed. 
That's all for now, I think I'll be spending some time with my machine tonight.  

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