Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Table Runner - In Progress!

I decided to give QST (Quarter Square Triangles) a new try for my table runner.  I modified my design from a piece I found in a magazine I bought from the dollar store (Quilt It Today).  My modified design matches the accent wall in my living room, and is a bit longer because we have an abnormally large coffee table. You can see a little snip-it of the pattern to the left there in the photo. 

So here are all the little QST's  and HST's waiting to be turned into Quarters for my runner. 

Table Runner

Here you can kind of see the design starting to come together.  I still have a ways to go. 

Table Runner Design

I think the colors are nice, and there's a nice mix of patterns.  Planning to hand quilt this one - bought my little hoop yesterday.  Hopefully I'll finish it soon. 

My other big project is texturing and painting my living room.  My husband and I live in a 103 year old home in Tyler, TX, and it was in desperate need of some TLC when we moved in.  Two of the walls in the living room were suitable for paint right off, but the other two had some cracks that needed repair.  We did that, and now I'm to the texturing part.  I have to do it in small bits, as it's 100+ degrees outside, and our A/C struggles as it is.  (in other words: it's HOT!)

Living Room Texture

I really cannot wait until our house is finished.  Next thing I'm tackling after the living room is the kitchen.  Right now, I'm thinking open shelves up top, and I have some really nice cabinets that I'm going to refinish for the bottom.  We're doing a retro theme.  It'll be nice!

Lastly, a little painting I've been working on since I was featured in the Downtown Tyler Art Walk back in June.  I started it as a demo for mixing paint from primary colors.  This is how it has evolved since then.  I still feel like it's a WIP. 

Painting - Colors Well, now you all know why I have cut back on my sewing/quilting the past few days.

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Accent Wall


  1. I think it must be cool to live in a 103 year old house :) And since you are a painter, you could paint a quilt block onto the side of it! lol!

    1. The house was actually older than 103, that's just when it was moved to its current location. I am actually planning to do a patchwork type design above the mantle piece :)

      Definitely get a lot of requests for paintings (and murals)!