Sunday, January 19, 2014

O' Sunny Day

Today is a beautiful day!  It's about 65F outside, and the sun is shining.  I love my new sewing room, because it's a converted sun room - windows all around!

I have a finish today, though it's not really a quilt, just a quick fleece blanket for a baby shower gift.  The parents are LSU fans through and through, so that's what I went with, plus the invitation to the shower literally says that a "little tiger is on its (not sure that they know the sex - at least when the invitations were printed) way"

Anyway, I was surprised by how cute it came out, I did a sew version, with rounded edges. 

I have been working on a few things, like crocheting little leaves, flowers, etc.. for a wreath, or a collage of some kind.  I don't know yet!

I also decided to finally finish a quilt I've been working on since last year, the 2012 BOM from Craftsy, while I'm not using all the pieces, I think it's still a nice little lap sized quilt to throw on the couch or the chair in the guest room.  I took a break from this today to work on the LSU Blankie :)

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