Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A last minute WIP post

Normally, I post something for WIP Wednesday.. so today, I think I'll make a last minute post before bed.

I have a few things I've been working on this week: First- the Craftsy BOM 2012... this one has taken WAY longer to complete than I wanted, so hopefully I can finish it soon; that's what I get for not buckling down and finishing, I guess!

So here are the two drunkard's path blocks that I made for the BOM. I started moaning about making them here, but by the end, I didn't mind them so much.  Maybe I'll do another curved piecing project in the future. 



I also joined in on a Mug Rug Swap today here.  I started pulling fabrics that I wanted to use for that.  I made a grand mess of my workspace, but it was fun!

Fabric Picking

I made a shopping trip to search for brown fabric, and came back with all this - (I got a GREAT deal on all this fabric, too. I think I paid something like $0.80/ea. for the rolled remnants on top of the stack!)


At 5, I got a call from my realtor telling me that they accepted our bid for the house that we are trying to buy (are buying)!!  SQUEEEEL!  I can't wait until we close and move in!  Plenty of ideas for my new sewing room!

Then after I calmed down, I started working on my first Mug Rug for the swap.  My own design that I sketched out, and am hand appliqueing.

Notice: I did bring home brown fabric ;)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like your take on the drunkard's path with that red-orange and white block - very interesting and unique!

    1. Thank you very much! It wasn't my own design though, I did that block as part of the Craftsy BOM 2012. (It's a free QAL video series)