Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anchor's underway

So, I finally decided that I could get over being upset with my brother enough to work on his Christmas quilt.  It's based on the design by Tula Pink (Anchors Aweigh).

Since he's in the US Coast Guard, I decided to do a patriotic theme - hence the red, white, and blue.   I did notice that some of the measurements of the negative space on this pattern are off by about a half-inch.  Everything seems to be lining up pretty well other than that, and it's coming along very well.

Anchor In Progress

Tomorrow I have a treat for anyone who stops by - I'm finishing up my e-reader tutorial for Tutorial Thursdays.  :)

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  1. Looking good! I have this on my (very) long to-do list :)

  2. Thank you both!

    @ Serena: sewing together that many tiny squares gets tedious, but it's really quick once you get in the swing of it (like any other quilt, I guess..), you should do it!