Friday, September 27, 2013

Dead after this week, but still have a finish

I decided to take the Mercy Ships job, but I haven't started yet.  I've been busting butt in the frame shop all week (I think I'm at 40 hours already, and I'm about to go in for another 8-hour shift.)  Anyway, as a way to wind down after work, I've been working on my hand quilted QST table runner that has been a WIP FOREVER.

I finally finished it! Just in time to move into the new house and Thanksgiving.  This weekend I get to sew on Sunday, and I'm very thankful for that.  (I guess I should also squeeze a painting in there). 

Finished Runner

Finished Runner 2

In other news: I won a little giveaway a few weeks ago, and got my package in the mail from Alyssa at Pile O'Fabrics from participating in her weekly stash share.  The very same day I received my muffler mat from sending a photo of myself holding the most recent Fons and Porter to Arrow Sewing Cabinets.  Here are the things I got in the mail :)

Prize Goodies
Thanks for reading!