Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have been dragging this one out.. but it's coming along!  I'm hand quilting it, and during my down time at the flea market that I helped my parents with last weekend, I sat in the shade and quilted.  It was amazing how many people came up and wanted to admire my work and give me compliments for being a "young quilter."  It makes me proud to know that I am taking up an art and past-time and making it mine.  

Strips 1
Stitching the squares together on my machine.

Quilt Sandwich
The Quilt Sandwich.

In the hoop.

So now, I might not be done with it this week.  Especially since my fingertips are complaining!  I think I might go back to piecing something for a while..  thinking about doing the Craftsy BOM 2012 series - better late than never!  I'll share that if I decide to get started on it.  By the way, if you haven't already, check out Craftsy - they have tons of free patterns and the awesome BOM classes (one for last year, and one for this year.)

Addition to my sewing/craft studio.  :)

I love my mom.   She is always giving me things - I try to do the same for her (Something I think will be easier after I start getting paid!).  Last week I gave her a rotary cutter and mat - she had been eyeing them for a while, so I made the buy for her.  :-)  I got her a nice little Fiskars set:
Cutter (came with a bonus pair of scissors!)
Self-healing Mat
Since her sewing room isn't as big as mine (how did I get so lucky?) I gave her the 18"x 24" mat.

Anyway, this past weekend I helped them do a flea market type sale (that I was talking about above..)  My parents are something of a pair of pickers.  So they had tons of treasures to take to the sale, I'm thinking if my back was crying this much afterward, I feel sorry for my dad's back!  In the sale, she had this fantastic table that I had my eye on for a new pressing table for my sewing room.

I think that it didn't sell because it has this crack in the top.  Something I wasn't so worried about, since I'm covering the top with layers of batting and fabric to create my pressing surface.  Planning to make my first tute over this as well - repurposed table.  I just need to decide which type of fabric I want to use - I'll be looking at it nearly every day, so I want to love it! - SUGGESTIONS?

That's all for now!  

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